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Make-to-Mend Monthly Circle ~ beginning Winter 2018

with Jennette Nielsen of Cauldron & Hive

 As a Maker and space holder for women, I am offering our circle of sisters a magical gathering to pass the talking stick, sharing what we are currently working through, challenges and triumphs, while holding each other in support and community.  Everyone deserves a nurturing circle, a tender web that holds us, where truths of the divine feminine and visions of self-manifestation are held for one another.  All women are welcome here and if you have the sense that Making will Mend you, you run the risk of fitting in here! 

Each sacred gathering will offer a Make-to-Mend hand work project exploring themes of reclamation, restoration, recuperation, empowerment, authenticity, bravery, and imperfection.  We will allow our intuition and innate creative pulse to guide us.  Hand making helps us work out the kinks in our past, transmuting them into portals of deep self-love and acceptance, externalizing our experiences into powerful self-transformation.  Since our hands know how to remedy a challenge that our intellect has struggled with in vain, through hand making and the practice/process of self-expression, our wounded hearts and souls begin to heal.  Mending is an inner process through which women become/welcome/accept themselves as whole, worthy, enough, and right sized.  We are earth’s daughters and we are always right on time. 

The totemic works we create will serve as authentic soul soothing medicine born of our own visions, dreams, and symbols.  When we begin to emit our own frequency, stand in our power, and shake off the inheritance of living wounded, we alchemize the throbbing scars of our past into high vibration health, healing and wholeness.  Everything changes when we shine light in the dark corners and excavate our long buried underground desires, cultivating and creating the fully expressed lives we long for.  Our Make-to-Mend circle is a safe and sacred container, allowing us to unearth ourselves and release and shed what no longer serves us.  With us you belong, you are recognized and seen, you are safe, and you are held.  Come join us in our circle to dive deep, laugh and cry, and Make-to-Mend.  No experience necessary. 

{currently securing location in PNW and setting dates for the new year....stay tuned!}